Call for Participation

Important Dates:

August 27, 2017: Application Deadline

September 1-10, 2017 // 2 pm – 8 pm: The Lab

The call for participation for the Body Mapping Lab is open to all artists and researchers coming from various backgrounds and disciplines and who are interested in the emerging field of embodied research. This Call is also directed to everybody, who would like to experience the body in a special environment and context. You don’t need to be a professional practitioner of the respective embodied techniques associated with the Program, but rather be open and curious to enhance the understanding of the body and the environment in which you are embedded.

There are two options in taking part of the Body Mapping Lab:

  • take part of the entire program and engage in a working group and community by creating different outcomes and a public event on the last day of the Lab.
  • take part only at one or more of the workshops and special classes. 

Participation costs:

Entire Program:

  • 420,00 Euros / 15% Discount for payments before 01.08.2017
  • 220,00 Euros / 2 selected grants for students and researchers – ONE AVAILABLE!  

Important notes: a) As this project is non-commercial, the participation costs will go to cover production expenses and teachers’ fees. b) The participants are responsible for their own travel. However, if you need an official letter of invitation to support a travel grant or similar causes, we can provide the documents you need. We can also help you find accommodations in Berlin.


  • 1 workshop (of the main program): 80,00 € 
  • 2 workshops (of the main program): 120,00 € 
  • 5 Rhythms Workshop: 50,00 € 

Special classes:

  • 1 class: 25,00 €
  • 2 classes: 40,00 €

To book one or more workshops or special classes please send an e-mail to:

To take part of the entire program please fill out the boxes below: